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P.S. Where did I get this “Killer Copy Secret Weapon?” From my award winning copy coach, the late great Chris Marlow. She and her team won the day, tons of writing contracts, and even the prestigious Echo Award using this amazing “Secret Weapon.”

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Healthy Weight Loss That Really Works

Shocking Facts

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), a shocking 70% of the U.S. population is overweight or obese. That’s more than 2 out of 3 adults. This causes preventable health care costs annually of over $150 million dollars!

Weight Loss Challenges

Hundreds of weight loss products flood the market and advertising, but do any of them actually work? Are they even safe? There are many popular products, some even touted by big name celebrities. But being popular doesn’t mean they’re effective. If all those popular diet fads really worked, we’d all be skinny.  People are always excited about a new trend or a big promise in the weight-loss industry, but all too often it turns out to be an empty promise. You spent all that money, but you didn’t lose all that weight.

Busy, hectic, modern lifestyles make it all too easy to grab some fast food or soda pop. And let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time—or interest—to go to the gym or exercise.  Sure, there’s prescription weight loss pills, but those can have unpleasant, or even dangerous, reactions. And you certainly don’t have time for disagreeable side effects.

Natural Slimming Solutions

But there is an easy answer. Safe diet pills in Kennesaw, GA, don’t just help you shed pounds. They actually cleanse your system, removing unwanted toxins as well as unwanted pounds. A good, natural weight loss product also promotes regularity to enable you to stay slender. It not only keeps you slim and trim, it helps keep you healthy and full of energy.

Natural diet pills burn away fat, and that embarrassing big belly. They also help eliminate cravings for junk food and sweets. A proven natural weight loss formula lets you shed pounds weekly, until you hit your ideal weight target. It will help prevent you from storing fat from the foods you do eat.

An Energetic New You

Not only are there safe, natural, and effective weight loss supplements available, there are also vitamins that help with weight management. They are an excellent complement to natural slimming program. These help ensure that you stay healthy and energetic, while you melt away those unwanted, excess pounds.

Take charge of your body—and your health—today. Finally burn away that stubborn fat that you’ve tried so hard to get rid of for so long. Maybe you even feared you would never be slim again. But now you can achieve your weight loss goals, using safe diet pills in Kennesaw, GA.


Summary: Stop struggling with your weight. Lose unwanted pounds easily and safely with all natural weight loss products.  Enjoy the slim figure you’ve always dreamed of.

Written for Red Carpet Pharmacy (redcarpetpharmacy.com) on 1/31/18.


Magnesium: The Laxative That Nourishes While It Cleanses

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium is often taken as a supplement for a variety of reasons. Some people have been diagnosed with magnesium deficiency and have been prescribed it by their doctor. Some use it to help relieve   sore, stiff muscles and to help them feel calm and relaxed. And some folks use it as a safe, all natural laxative.

Magnesium orotate is a combination of both magnesium and orotic acid. The orotic acid is added because it is believed to increase the absorption of magnesium. Orotic acid is also taken by athletes who believe it enhances their performance and endurance. A preliminary study involving patients with heart failure showed that it reduced heart failure symptoms and death. Magnesium is also critical for tooth and bone health.


Symptoms of constipation range from bad breath to skin problems to stomach pain. It can be difficult or painful to pass stool. Sometimes, even bloody stools can occur due to damage caused by constipation. Prolonged, excessive constipation sometimes requires a surgical procedure to correct. At best, it’s not only uncomfortable, but seriously unhealthy.

Constipation Epidemic

In America, over 63,000,000 people suffer from chronic constipation. While this is often related to diet, stress, dehydration, and certain medications and health problems can also contribute to constipation. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can be a big help, as can drinking plenty of water, but sometimes that’s not enough. That’s when you need a safe, healthy laxative like magnesium orotate. And be sure to check with your health care provider if you’re suffering from excessive constipation.

Natural Cleanse

Many health care providers—and grandmas—have long known magnesium to be a safe, natural laxative. A study done on children showed that magnesium effectively relieved childhood constipation. Magnesium can be purchased from many nutritional supplement companies. You do not need a prescription.

Side Effects

Many commercial laxatives have unpleasant side effects like cramping, bloating, gas, or the need for a sudden trip to the bathroom. Excessive use can cause serious problems like electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, dizziness, or dependency.

Go Natural

A natural magnesium laxative is a gentle way to relieve constipation. It is free of many of the side effects often associated with laxatives. Not only does it work gently but thoroughly, it doesn’t cause dependency like harsh commercial laxatives can. Best of all, this natural laxative nourishes your system while it cleanses it, leaving you feeling cleaner, calmer, and healthier.

Description: Looking for safe, natural relief for occasional constipation? Magnesium orotate from Bio-design is the perfect answer for healthy, over-the-counter relief.

Tagline: Get safe, gentle, relief from constipation with Bio-design’s all natural magnesium orotate.

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Written for Bio-Designs 4/16/18

How Can an Allergy and Immunology Expert Help a Case?

Tell Tale Clues

Many different substances can cause reactions in susceptible individuals. Some can be very difficult to trace to the original cause. The patient may have done things to exacerbate the reaction. For these reasons it is critical to engage a medical expert witness whose specialty is allergist-immunologist. Expert witness services can discover the true source of an allergic reaction.

Kissing a Corpse

In one case, an Allergist examined a 48-year-old woman suffering from lips that were swollen, itchy, and chapped. The patient had attempted to treat the rash using antibiotics, topical vitamin E, and lip balm. During the exam the woman confided that her boyfriend had recently died, and she had kissed the corpse’s lips at the funeral. A patch test showed the patient was allergic to the formaldehyde used to preserve the corpse, and the lip balm used to treat the rash. Symptoms were resolved upon discontinuing the lip balm.

Blue Hair

Another allergist consulted with a 45-year-old woman complaining of an itchy rash on her scalp, face, and neck. The rash had been persistent for several years. The allergist learned that the rash began when the patient started dyeing her hair blue. A patch test discovered that she was allergic to disperse blue 106, a known allergen. The allergist recommended avoiding the dye, which the patient failed to do.

Allergy Testing

Allergist Dr. Ali Saad states, “Getting a detailed history from a patient is one of the most important steps we can take in solving allergy problems…sometimes we need to do investigative work to discover how the person in our office ended up there with a very specific set of symptoms.” Medical expert witness services can help determine whether you have a valid case or not.

Medical expert witness services can provide you with an experienced allergist-immunologist, and their expert testimony can help you win your case.

Description: If you’re seeking legal action on a case involving an allergic reaction, Reliable Clinical Experts can help. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Tagline: Find out how an allergist can provide expert help in legal cases involving serious allergic reactions.

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Why Natural Pain Killers Are Better Than Synthetic Drugs


Safer Than Synthetics

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 14,400 deaths attributed to prescription painkillers in 2016. These figures were 5 times higher than in 1999. Sales of prescription pain medications have increased fourfold, yet many Americans still suffer from serious pain. Natural pain relief in Kennesaw, GA, is the safe alternative. Even over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen, have been linked with serious complications, such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, GI bleeding and cardiovascular problems. Pain killers, along with antibiotics and antidepressants, are the most commonly prescribed medications.

Less Expensive

The cost of prescription drugs rose ten percent in one year alone, from 2015-2016. Despite pushback from consumers, insurers, and legislators, pharmaceutical companies continue to increase drug prices. When you purchase prescription pain medication, you’re not just paying for the medicine. You’re also paying for the research and development needed to create the drug, as well as the costs of marketing it. Fortunately for consumers, there are alternative therapies for pain in Kennesaw, GA. Natural remedies have been around for years, and are readily available. You pay only for the remedy, not the hype.

Time Tested

Most of the commercial drugs available today are actually synthesized from natural plant compounds. Granny’s herbal remedies of yesteryear are the expensive pharmaceutical patents of today. When plants are used in their naturally occurring forms, the medicinal compounds in those plants work synergistically together, to give you healthy, safe relief. They are naturally buffered, and exist together in the right combination and dose for human health.  When isolated, synthetically formulated, and mixed with other compounds, such as fillers, binders, and coloring agents, these compounds become unbalanced—and potentially dangerous.

High Quality

Pain relief treatment in Kennesaw, GA, offers high-quality options that are free of contaminants, cheap fillers, and additives. You get pure relief, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using a safe, wholesome, non habit-forming remedy. You’re getting herbs and plants in their natural forms, as nature created them.

Effective Relief

Research has shown that traditional herbal medicines can be just as effective as their riskier prescription equivalents. Garlic, for example, has shown to be just as effective as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Garlic has potent anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that perform as well as pharmaceutical medications.

Non Addictive

You’ve heard the horror stories in the news about America’s growing opioid crisis. There is no more critical time than now to find healthy alternatives for pain relief. Natural pain remedies are non-addictive, even with continued daily use. You stay clear-headed, and non-drowsy, so you can drive a car or do other activities that might not be possible when taking prescription pain medication.

Plentiful Alternatives

There are a wealth of herbal options for pain management. Perhaps you tried one, and didn’t get the relief you were looking for. Don’t give up. Not every prescription medication works for everyone, either. There are a number of all natural remedies on the market, and if one didn’t work, another very likely will. There are also compound remedies, which contain more than one herb. Compound remedies have ingredients that work synergistically, giving you extra potent relief.

Back Pain

One of the most common discomforts is back pain. Figures from the American Chiropractic Association show that half of the working population experiences back pain annually. Back pain is the most common reason for missed work. Additionally, up to eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain relief in Kennesaw, GA, means you don’t have to suffer. Natural remedies are available that are formulated specifically for back pain.

Immediate Relief

Natural pain relievers don’t require a prescription, so you don’t have the added hassle and expense of having to make an appointment and fill a prescription. There are many safe, affordable, options available to give you the relief you’ve been craving. Stop needlessly suffering, and seek natural pain relief in Kennesaw, Ga, today.

Description: If you’re looking for pain relief, Red Carpet Pharmacy has the answer. Our powerful, natural pain relief products offer a safe alternative to synthetic drugs.

Tagline: Find out how to get safe, powerful, immediate relief with all natural pain relievers.

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The Importance of Trace Minerals

Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is an important source for liquid ionic trace mineral supplements. It contains over 60 important trace minerals, at least 29 of which are essential for good health. These minerals are present in the naturally occurring balance your body needs. The salt water is concentrated, so that only a small amount provides a significant dose of vital minerals.

Essential Minerals

Trace minerals, also called micronutrients, are important nutrients that are often difficult to get in your everyday diet. The human body cannot produce them, but does require minute amounts of them for optimal health. They can only be obtained from foods that contain them, mineral pills, or from quality liquid ionic trace mineral supplements.

Mineral Wealth

Liquid trace minerals are an excellent source of magnesium, as well as dozens of other essential nutrients, such as potassium, selenium, iodine, cobalt, silicon, and many other little known but integral nutrients. Many people are unaware that they need these rare elements, and they frequently don’t have a significant dietary source of them.

Trace minerals perform many vital functions in the body, such as regulating hormones, enzymes, and amino acids. They are essential for proper growth and development, as well as for maintaining vibrant health.

Liquid Benefits

A liquid ionic trace mineral supplement is easy to use and easy to absorb. Your body doesn’t have to break it down like chunky mineral tablets. It’s still in its original form of sea water, just as nature made it. Since it’s concentrated, you get a full spectrum of nutrients in a small, economical daily serving.

One of the benefits of a trace mineral supplement is its high magnesium content. Containing around 250 mg. of magnesium per serving, that’s over half of your daily recommended intake. Magnesium, in conjunction with calcium and phosphorous, is essential for optimum bone and tooth health

Magnesium Supplements

While a liquid ionic trace mineral supplement is an excellent source of magnesium, another good source is magnesium orotate. Magnesium is essential for many important functions such as muscle relaxation, a calm mood and restful sleep, as well as for energy production.

For those who feel they need a quality magnesium supplement, magnesium orotate is a good way to go. Obtainable in easy to swallow capsules, the magnesium has been chelated to make it more bioavailable. This means you get the maximum benefit from your magnesium supplement.

Optimum Health

The greatest gift is good health. Ensure your overall health by using a high quality liquid ionic trace mineral daily. Simply by adding a dropper full to a glass of water or any beverage, you’ll know you’re getting the hard to obtain micronutrients your body needs.

Summary: Don’t leave good health to chance. Ensure that you’re getting vital trace nutrients needed for optimum health. Learn some useful facts about liquid trace minerals.

Written for Bio-Design Supplements (bio-design.com) on 2/5/18.

The Wisdom of the Ancients Means Powerful Nutrition for Today

Ancient Grains        

Ancient grains are increasing in popularity as more people become aware of healthy eating choices. Vegans, vegetarians, paleo, Weston Price, and heirloom food lovers, are all discovering the benefits of eating ancient grains. Food preservationists love keeping these ancient foods alive. Adventurous cooks love trying them out in new ways. Traditional cooks enjoy using them to make ethnic foods, such as Ethiopian injera bread made from teff. Fortunately, an ancient grains company is making these grains available again for modern cooks and health enthusiasts.

Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians prize ancient grains for their valuable proteins that can be challenging to get on an animal product free diet. Quinoa is a wonderful grain not only for its taste and versatility, but because it has all the essential amino acids needed for good health. It’s also easy on the digestion. Amaranth is another ancient grain which contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It has the distinction of being the only grain known to contain vitamin C. Amaranth is available as a flour, and is a wonderful choice for those who want baked goods or pancakes, but cannot eat wheat.

Allergy Friendly

Many people who cannot tolerate modern, high-gluten, hybridized grains have found that they can easily tolerate ancient grains such as kamut, quinoa, or amaranth. Even ancient wheats, such as emmer or spelt, can often be tolerated by those sensitive to modern, high-gluten wheats.

Johnny Come Lately

Lots of companies have jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon. Some are reputable companies, others are just out to make a quick buck on a trend. Choose an ancient grain manufacturing company with integrity and experience, one that’s been around awhile and really understands the needs of the health food and gluten-free community.

Safe Processing

Make sure your grains are processed in a facility that is certified gluten-free, as well as free from major allergens like soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts and shellfish. Look for an ancient grain manufacturing company with certifications including non-GMO certified, certified organic, kosher, and GFCO gluten-free to make sure you’re getting the purest, healthiest grains available.

Something Old, Something New

Whether you’re looking for meat-alternatives, traditional nutrient-dense foods, or tasty gluten-free grains, an ancient grain manufacturing company can provide you with grains, flours, or unique blends to meet your dietary needs and your epicurean desires. Food producers will find options for custom blended or branded products to meet their customer’s needs.


Summary: Ancient grains are gaining in popularity as more people learn their amazing health benefits. Here are some interesting facts about gluten-free ancient grains.

Revolutionizing Health Care Communications

Innovative Messaging Systems Simplify Healthcare

America’s healthcare system is ever-changing and increasingly complex as new discoveries are made, new drugs are marketed, and new treatments are integrated. There are also constant changes and upgrades in IT. While it can be challenging to keep ahead of new developments, there are some that make healthcare delivery easier. A secure text messaging system makes it easier by putting everything in one simple, convenient solution.

A healthcare messaging system coordinates care between all of the patient’s healthcare providers, even if they’re out of network. So when you need to communicate with the radiologist, the surgeon, and the lab, a secure messaging system for healthcare is the ideal solution. You can quickly and securely have all the information you need, when you need it. You also have the assurance that the entire healthcare team has the same information.

HIPAA Compliant and Ultra Secure

A secure messaging system for healthcare is fully HIPAA compliant. It will have a certified ISO 27000 infrastructure. These systems carry a wide range of security features such as pin protection, two-factor authentication, user access rights, audit history, and remote lock and swipe. This ensures that only need-to-know personnel can access patient information.

Integrates with Existing Platforms

When you implement a secure messaging healthcare program, there’s no need to change or upgrade your existing system. This revolutionary solution is fully compatible with your present IT and clinical system, as well as with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform.  This unique system even works securely in a Bring Your Own Device setting.

Look for features such as secure text and group messaging; voice, images, videos and files; broadcasts; workflow; forwarding and escalation; delivery and read tracking; message priority; automatic responses; and message lifespan control; and an organization directory.

Works for Any Size Provider

Whether you’re a large hospital complex, a mid-size clinic, or a small private practice, a secure messaging healthcare communication system will help you coordinate patient care. When all providers have the right information at the right time, everyone’s job is easier, and there is less room for error. This can save time and money, as well as providing the best possible care for the patient.

A secure messaging system for healthcare brings together everything from nurse call systems to call centers; from scheduling departments to lab systems, in one cohesive, easy to use platform. This streamlines care between different departments and health care providers. It also conveniently links to Electronic Health Records.

Summary: A secure healthcare messaging system is a powerful clinical tool. Here are critical features to consider when evaluating a system for your healthcare organization.

Written for Telmediq  (telmediq.com) on 1/21/18.

Packaging: Mother Nature’s Way

Molded pulp manufacturing provides packaging solutions that embrace your environmentally conscious philosophy.  It’s a smart move, and your customers will notice and appreciate your commitment to the environment. It says a lot about you and your corporate values far more eloquently than any PR campaign ever could.

Sustainable Packaging                                                                                  

We hear catch phrases like eco-friendly, “green,” and sustainable bandied about constantly, yet there’s more plastic than ever all over the place. You can hardly drive down the street without seeing plastic shopping bags tangled in trees, plastic water or soda bottles lining the ditches, and plastic garbage everywhere. Molded pulp manufacturers are doing something about this by providing an honest solution. Molded fiber packaging can be recycled, composted, or cleanly burned. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Molded pulp manufacturers work closely with companies to produce custom designed solutions including a variety of options and finishes to custom fit your needs, your product, and your budget.

Worth Money

Not only can molded fiber be composted or recycled, it is actually worth money after it’s been used. Discarded molded fiber pack can be worth up to $200 a ton to recyclers. Compare that to Styrofoam, which costs the consumer money to dispose of.

Hype Free Message

Molded fiber pack speaks for itself. It tells its own story by its simple, humble, natural appearance. Customers take one look and they know it’s for real.

Wave of Packaging Future

Molded pulp manufacturers are leading the way into a sustainable future by providing workable solutions that are available here and now for companies that want to ride the wave of truly sustainable packaging.

Chemical Free Packaging

One of the beauties of molded fiber packing is that it is not just biodegradable, it’s actually chemical free. No binders. No additives. No noxious chemicals or weird smells. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified thermoformed white virgin fiber is guaranteed to be sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.

Out Performs Plastic

Molded fiber packaging consistently out-performed plastic in both vibration and drop testing. Unlike plastic, fiber pack did not lose its structural integrity even when damaged. During testing, molded fiber was shown to have a 22% damage reduction rate. Products remain safe during transit and handling. Molded fiber is clearly the winner for the environment, the product, and the consumer.

Molded pulp manufacturers are molding the future of modern packaging with their innovative, custom, and sustainable solutions.

Summary: Molded pulp packaging offers eco-friendly, sustainable packaging alternatives to plastic and Styrofoam. Lean how molded fiber packaging can help businesses, customers, and the environment.

Written for Berkely moldedfiberpak.com

Professional Petrographic Slide Preparation

When you need professional, beautifully prepared petrographic slides, you’ll want to look for one of the industry leaders in thin section preparation. A reputable petrographic lab will be able to handle any type of material, whether it is pottery sherds for an archaeologist, meteorite fragments for a meteoriticist, or proppants and rock samples for a petrogeologist.

What to Look For  

Look for an established lab that’s been in business for years and has a stellar reputation in the industry. A lab that not only has highly-trained materials technicians, but has the latest in cutting-edge equipment. They will not only prepare your specimens, but will offer accurate analysis of your materials. Their slides make it easy to determine the optical qualities of your materials. Custom preparation, studies, and analysis will be available upon request. They will also offer competitive pricing for the industry. Make sure they have fast turnaround times as well. That way you won’t risk having your drilling project or lab work held up, because you couldn’t get your samples on time.

Types of Materials

A good petrographic lab should be able to handle any type of sample you have. Many of the common sample types include naturally occurring materials such as soils, rocks, aggregates, and mineral specimens, as well as unusual materials like meteorites. They can also prepare and analyze man-made samples such as pottery, cement, concrete, and proppant.

Custom Work

A well-equipped lab can accommodate any type of request, whether it’s just a standard soil sample test, or an exotic minerals analysis. They will offer custom sample preparation exactly to your specifications. Whether you need a particular thickness, impregnation, or special staining technique, a quality lab will be happy to provide it for you.

Other Services Available

Petrographic laboratories offer more services than just simple slide preparation. They will also provide detailed analysis of your petrographic slides. Rush services are available, as well as super rush services for well drilling. Another service they will supply are biostratigraphy studies.

How to Order Thin Sections

Thin sections can be ordered online straight from a petrographic laboratory. A detailed order form will be provided so you can get your samples prepared exactly to your specifications. There are many options for preparing petrographic slides, such as thickness, staining, and fluorescence. Price quotes will be available by phone or email. And a good lab will provide outstanding customer service, no matter how specialized your request.  When sending your samples, make sure each one is carefully wrapped and individually labeled.

Summary: When you need beautifully prepared petrographic slides, use a lab with expert technicians and the latest cutting edge equipment. Look for custom service, fast turnaround, and competitive pricing.

Trivial Transfer Graphene Applications are Anything But Trivial

Revolutionary Process

Graphene is nanomaterial that’s 200x stronger than steel. While science has been aware of the amazing properties of graphene, until CVD and trivial transfer graphene were developed it was not possible to create useful, large-area graphene. This revolutionary, yet simple, process allows for rapid graphene transfer on large area substrates. It is not only easy to use, it is very low cost.

Quantum Leaps  

Graphene has the potential to completely revolutionize quantum computers, display screens, solar cells, and electrical circuits. It also has phenomenal potential in medicine, chemistry, and industry. Science has barely even begun to explore the potential uses of this singular nanomaterial. Graphene manufacturers are paving the way with innovative new processes such as graphene transfer.

Single Second

The technique of trivial transfer can be learned quickly. In fact, the actual graphene transfer takes exactly one second! This patented, ground-breaking technique is changing the way that research and industry can study and use graphene. Trivial transfer graphene (TTG) comes ready to experiment with. You can use any substrate you like.

How it Works

Slowly and carefully remove your TTG sample from the package using clean tweezers. Because TTG must be packed in humid conditions, you may see some water vapor in the package. This is fine and won’t affect the quality.

Slowly immerse TTG in deionized (DI) water. This must be done with extreme care or the graphene layer will roll up. Never let the TTG flip over. Once the TTG has been immersed in the water, let it soak for a minimum of 2 hours. Next, take up the substrate which you wish to coat with clean tweezers, and gently pick up the floating graphene film, thus coating the substrate. The actual graphene transfer takes only a second.  Let the substrate dry vertically for 1-2 minutes after coating, then allow to dry further for thirty minutes. Finally, oven dry for 20 minutes at 100° Celsius.


Once your sample is completely dried, the PMMA coating is removed by submersing in warmed 50° Celsius acetone for about thirty minutes. It is then washed off and dried in an oven with a blower for another ten minutes. Your TTG is now ready for study or use.

TTG has made graphene transfer available to anyone who wishes to use or study it. Its low cost and ease of use should help spark tremendous advancements in the understanding and applications of this unique substance.

Summary: Is your lab looking for easy, low cost ways to study and innovate with graphene? Learn how the unique process of trivial graphene transfer can help.

Written for ACS Material