Case Studies

From Exhausted Grouchy Teen to 4.0 GPA Honor Student

Serena Rose had always been an exceptional student who had demonstrated leadership qualities. But now in her early teens, she had become cranky, irritable, and was tired all the time.

While some parents might have just chalked this up to teen hormones, laziness, or a poor attitude, Serena’s mother Jenny suspected more was at play.

As a small child, Serena had suffered from stomach problems. A specialist had recommended a strong course of cleansing, and to give her whole wheat instead of white bread products, and had left it at that.

However, she now seemed to be having increasing difficulty with certain foods, as well as stomach and joint pain, irritability, and extreme tiredness. Fortunately, her family had previously used Dr. James Neuenschwander, Director of The Bio Energy Medical Center. Dr. Neuenschwander is an M.D. who specializes in alternative medicine. Jenny set up an appointment for Serena.

After a lengthy consult, Dr. Neuenschwander ordered a hair mineral analysis through Analytical Research Labs. In addition, he ordered blood work, including an IgG antibody test for food allergies through Genova Diagnostics. Tests revealed that Serena had 44 different food allergies, celiac disease, and leaky gut syndrome. She was dangerously low on many vital nutrients as a result of the leaky gut, and was also suffering from chronic inflammation, kidney, liver, and adrenal stress.

Dr. Neuenschwander immediately placed Serena on a restricted diet, eliminating the foods she was most severely allergic to, and allowing others in rotation. She was completely restricted from wheat and all foods containing gluten. Additionally, Serena was given a comprehensive regimen of vitamins and minerals to bring her nutrient levels up to normal. She was also prescribed L-glutamine to help heal her damaged gut.

On the home front, Jenny spent hours researching gluten and allergy-free diets and foods. Many hours were spent experimenting in the kitchen devising tasty gluten-free recipes. It was a big adjustment for the whole family. Just keeping Serena’s schedule of supplements straight was a big job.

Within only a few weeks, Serena and her family saw dramatic improvements. Suddenly, this formerly fatigued and grouchy teen was full of energy and good spirits. She was bursting with ideas of fun things to do and ways to improve things on the hobby farm where she and her family lived. The family was absolutely amazed at the rapid and positive changes they saw.

The following autumn, well on her way to vibrant health, Serena, who had been homeschooled on and off for several years, decided to enroll in the local high school for her freshman year. She immediately became an honor student and was on the dean’s list. This once-tired teen was now participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities. From there she attended Washtenaw Technical Middle College (WTMC), a charter high school. She was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and graduated with honors, a high school diploma, and an associate’s degree.

Due to her academic excellence, Serena was also able to win a partial scholarship and grant money for college. From WTMC she was accepted into the Honors College at the University of Michigan, where she graduated in 2016 with a degree in neuroscience.

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